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About the IDHSC

The Irish Draught In Canada

The Irish Draught Horse Society of Canada (IDHSCA) was formed in 2002 as a “daughter society” to the Irish Draught Horse Society of Ireland.  A group of like-minded Canadian Irish Draught and Irish Draught Sport horse enthusiasts, some of whom had been instrumental in the formation and development of the North American Society, decided there were enough breeders in Canada to warrant its own organization and registry.

Anthea McLauchlan (BC) co-founded the North American Society in 1993, and led in establishment of the Canadian Society with Duncan Kerfoot (AB), Barbara Elliott (ON), Jennifer Brownlow (BC), Ellen Guttormson (BC), Vicky Gourlay (BC), and Christine Sweet (AB) forming the board.

Over the years the society has hosted inspections, shows, stallion parades and auctions, provided awards to Irish Draught and Irish Draught Sport Horse competitors, sold promotional items like saddle pads and coolers, as well as met at Spruce Meadows Masters annually to share a booth with Horse Sport Ireland and Tourism Ireland, and held the AGM.

Harmonized Studbook

Prior to harmonization, the Irish Draught Horse Societies around the world (Ireland, Great Britain, Canada, North America, Australia) had a common purpose to promote and preserve the Irish Draught, but did not really recognize the work of each other’s organizations. 

In 2010, and partially due to changes in EU legislation related to studbook management for all species, Horse Sport Ireland began talks with the different Irish Draught Societies to bring everyone under a single umbrella of rules for registration and inspection. 

By the end of 2012, IDHSGB and IDHS Canada had harmonized with Ireland, followed later by the IDHSNA.  As a result, the studbooks now follow similar rules for registration and inspection, and any horse registered in one of the studbooks is automatically recognized in the other studbooks. 

This has allowed for greater diversity in the world wide herd, particularly because stallions from one country can now be used in another, without fear that the stallion’s inspection status (or merit) may not be recognized.

For general enquiries, please email IDHSC. 

Board of Director Executives:

  • Christine Sweet - Chair, Email

  • Duncan Kerfoot - Vice Chair, Email

  • VACANT ROLE -Treasurer, Email

  • Nichole Boultilier - Secretary, Email

Non-Executive Appointments:

  • Becky Rowan - Registrations, Email

  • Megan Sykes - Member At Large, Email

  • Kim Sweet - Society Accountant Email

Lifetime Honorary Members

  • Anthea C.S. McLauchlan (BC)

  • Barbara Elliott (ON)

  • Jennifer Brownlow (BC)

  • Facebook
History of the Irish Draught in Canada
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