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Registration and Inspection FAQ

Why register or cross-register my Irish Draught or Irish Draught Sport Horse in Canada?

The foundation of Irish Draught and Irish Draught Sport Horse breeding programs ensures that all pedigree information is recorded through registration, and verified with DNA analysis. The Irish Draught Horse Society of Canada provides registration services for Irish Draught and Irish Draught Sport Horses. Also registered horses are eligible for inspection.

If my horse is registered in the IDHSCA registry is it recognized in the Irish Horse Registry?

The Irish Draught Horse Society studbook is an official daughter studbook of the studbook of origin in Ireland. Irish Draughts are automatically entered into the worldwide Irish Draught Horse studbook in Ireland. Irish Draught Sport Horses that meet pedigree requirements are also automatically entered into the Irish Sport Horse studbook in Ireland.

My horse is registered so why should I have my horse inspected?

Inspections are designed to identify quality stallions and mares that adhere to the studbook breeding goals. Inspections provide breeders and horse owners with the opportunity to learn more about their horses through the assessment and classification process undertaken by inspectors.  In addition to Canada inspection results are recognized in Ireland, the United States, and Great Britain.  Further, horses that meet inspection requirements will usually sell for higher prices than uninspected stock.

Can any horse registered as an Irish Draught in Canada be inspected?

In general, only progeny of Class 1 or Class 2 are eligible for inspection. There are some exceptions, for example progeny by a Class 1 or Class 2 stallion and out of a AID or grade up mare is eligible for inspection. Talk to the IDHSC Registration Officer to determine if your horse is eligible for inspection.

Can any horse registered as an Irish Draught Sport Horse be inspected?

Only horses registered or cross-register with the IDHSCA can be brought forward for inspection hosted by the society. Also only inspection results for horses meeting pedigree requirements will be recognized in Ireland. 

What makes the inspectors qualified to qualify my horse for the breed?

The IDHSCA uses inspectors from Ireland, who have completed the required training and are specifically approved to come to Canada to conduct inspections. 

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