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stallion jumping

Agencies in Ireland

The Irish Horse Board - the Board of Directors of the Irish Horse Board plus three co-op tees from the Northern Ireland Horse Board, the Connemara Pony Breeders Society and the Irish Pony Society, form the Breeding Sub-Board of Horse Sport Ireland

Northern Ireland Horse Board - the central agency in Northern Ireland which works closely with the Irish Horse Board on inspection and registration of horses and development of the horse breeding industry.

Horse Sport Ireland-“the governing body for equestrian sport in Ireland and the administrator of the Irish Horse Register, including the Irish Draught Horse and Irish Sport Horse Studbooks"

International Breed Societies

The Irish Draught and Sport Horse Society (Australia)

The Irish Draught Horse Society of Great Britain

The Irish Draught Horse Breeders Association - (Ireland)

The Irish Draught Horse Society of New Zealand

The Irish Draught Horse Society of North America (USA-based)

Official Source for Pedigree Information on Irish Draughts

Irish Horse Register (IHR)

Other Breed Pedigree Information


Canadian Livestock Records Corperation

The Australian Irish Draught and Sport Horse Society's Online Pedigree Search

Agencies in Canada

Equestrian Canada - the Canadian national equestrian federation. The IDHS (Canada) is a breed affiliate.

Canadian Breeders

Breeders: If your farm is not on this list, but used to be listed, please bring your membership up to date. You must be a member in good standing to have your farm website listed.

British Columbia

Richlands Sport Horses- Cherryville, British Columbia


Devonridge Farm-Spruce Grove, Alberta

LilyWing Farm- Barrhead, Alberta 


Bayview Stud and Sport Horses- Bobcaygeon, Ontario

Connemora Farm- Little Britain,Ontario

Pairadox Farm- Camlachie, Ontario


Innisfail Stables- Thurso, Quebec

Nova Scotia

Fourwinds Farm - River John, Nova Scotia 

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