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Irish Draught Sport Horse jumping

The Irish Draught Sport Horse

The Irish Draught Sport Horse is a crossbred with a minimum 1/8 Irish Draught blood. Although we have recently seen the introduction of crosses with other bloodlines such as top quality Warmbloods, Arabians and Quarter horses, which are showing promise, it is still the Irish Draught/Thoroughbred cross that has achieve world wide status. In Canada, USA, Great Britain and Australia, only the cross with Irish Draught blood are classified as an Irish Draught Sport Horse. 


If you are looking for a versatile horse with a great personality, excellent movement, and incredible jumping ability, the Irish Draught Sport Horse is for you.  They has a tremendous gallop with plenty of speed, exceptional jumping talent, and has been bred for centuries to run and jump and go across the countryside.   And they are known for their great durability, soundness and stamina.

In modern times, the IDSH has excelled at International level competition in Eventing, Show Jumping, Dressage and Driving. The even temperament, durability and athleticism of the Irish Draught when crossed, has created the type of horse that has the qualities to excel in many different disciplines.  They are a versatile, athletic, and remarkably sound breed of horse with a wonderful temperament. Whether you are interested in Eventing, Show Jumping, Foxhunting, Dressage, and Driving or just want a pleasant horse to ride and enjoy, the wonderful thing about the IDSH is that it can do any of the above; or ALL of the them!! 

Irish Horses are well known for competing at the top international level of several sports. Star Appeal, Cruising, McKinley, Custom Made, Giltedge, Flexible, and Mr. Medicott are just a few prime examples, and the list goes on and on. The IDSH is sought after by those competitors looking for a horse to take them to the top of their sport, but they also make fabulous mounts for riders of every level.


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