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Irish Draught Sport Horse

Other Terminology outside IDHSC Registry

You may hear the term “Irish Sport Horse (ISH)”. This crossbred is similar to the “Irish Draught Sport Horse” but there is a reason for the difference in names. The Irish Sport Horse is recognized by the Irish Horse Board, as an animal of ANY breeding, which MAY OR MAY NOT have Irish Draught blood in its pedigree (similar to the Canadian Sport Horse registry). 

Traditional Irish Horse (TIH)” is another term associated with the Irish Draught. In 2012 the Traditional Irish Horse Association was established. A result of their work includes the classification under the Irish Sport Horse studbook of Traditional Irish Horse (TIH). This classification was added in the Irish Horse Register to gain broader recognition of the importance of Traditional Irish bloodlines in Irish Sport Horse breeding and in the equestrian marketplace. The TIH have only the following breeds recorded in their pedigree: Irish Sport Horse, Irish Draught, Thoroughbred, Connemara Pony.  Do not have any foreign ancestors recorded in their back pedigree.

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